A theater in your pocket

  • • Browse the Internet. Watch movies, videos, and streams on most websites, even use some web apps, blogs, news, social media, email, and everything else the web has to offer...
  • • Watch Thousands of Live TV* channels from around the world. Or, also add any custom web stream url in VR.
  • • Look through your photos library. Browse by date and location. Zoom and pan around photos in a full field-of-view.
    • Download videos from the web or a computer and watch in VR offline, anywhere, on the plane or the train
  • • Purchase a Playr VR Bundle, or bring your own hardware. All models automatically supported.
    • Use any supported game controller as a mouse for the web and remote for TV/movies.
    • Connect your headphones, enter Playr VR, and enjoy the experience...
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